Spending time in the kitchen preparing breakfast can often feel like a chore, but by incorporating a few of these hacks into your routine, it can make breakfast a breeze.

Before using the microwave, you will always want to make sure its clean. An easy way to do that is by using a lemon. By cutting a lemon in half and squeezing out the juice into a cup of water, you will be creating an all natural cleaning agent. Put the fresh squeezed cleaning solution into the microwave along with the lemon you squeezed and let it run for three minutes. As soon as three minutes are up, you can easily wipe away any residue like dried on food or grease that may have been sticking to the inside surfaces of the microwave. It’s an inexpensive and effective way to clean up around the kitchen before preparing breakfast.

Make sure the lid is on tight and store natural peanut butter upside down. Natural peanut butter and almond butter tend to separate over time and can be a hassle to stir every time you need to use them. The heavier peanuts will settle on the bottom and the lighter oil will make its way to the top. If you store it upside down and turn it over again to its proper position a few minutes before using it, the oil will begin rising back to the top and give you a smoother consistency without having to stir it.

If slicing onions irritates your eyes, there’s a simple solution: freeze the onions before you take a knife to them. They will be harder to slice, but it may be a bargain worth making if slicing onions usually makes you tear up.

You can give hot cacao more nutritional value by adding protein powder. It’s a delicious way to pack more protein in your diet without having to take the time to cook meat or boil quinoa.
If you want an easier and faster way to cook eggs, crack them open and put them into a mug. You can add whatever else you would put in an omelet if you choose and toss it into the microwave for forty five seconds. At that point take it out, stir it, and send it back in for another forty-five seconds. Let it cool down and its ready to dig in and you didn’t have to dirty up any pans.
Use an onion for the perfect circular shaped egg. Cut the onion in half and make a few slices, just like you were going to make onion rings. Use the largest outer ring to place down on a pan and break the egg inside of it. It will add a little flavor and impeccable shape to the egg.

Pour pancake batter into empty ketchup bottles for a spill free hot cake making experience. Make sure the bottle is clean of any tomato residue before adding the mix, pour in the batter, and make sure the lid is tight. Being able to squeeze the batter right into the pan is much less messy than trying to ladle in pancake batter from a bowl.

If you need to remove yolks from your egg whites try using an empty water bottle. Give the uncapped water bottle a squeeze as soon as you place the top over the yolk. The suction will pull the yolk away from the yolk and into the bottle.

If you notice that your veggies are going bad not long after you buy them, you can use this simple hack to extend their shelf-life. Separate vegetables into smaller bags and then exhale into the bags before sealing them back. Humans breath out Carbon Dioxide, air that allows vegetables to stay fresher longer. The best part is, air is free.
Leafy greens like kale and spinach are often the first vegetables to go bad in the refrigerator. Before they spoil, use the blender to blend them up with water and freeze it in ice trays. Later you can add them to fruit smoothies to give extra fiber to your diet. Spinach and kale have a mild taste after being frozen and you can even add toothpicks to make tiny veggie popsicles to snack on.
Using these simple hacks will make time spent in the kitchen a little less hectic and a lot more enjoyable.