Are you afraid to go out to dinner with your friends thinking that you might end up eating food with gluten content and get sick? The worst thing that you can do is live on whatever that gluten free food store has on their shelves. Do not let your fear keep you from eating delicious food with your friends. There are now a number of restaurants that are serving food free of gluten so there is no need to you to skip that dinner with your friends. Just tell your friends that you are on strict instructions from your doctor to eat only food containing no gluten so that your friends can find a restaurant that serve gluten free dishes. What if your friends ask you to pick the restaurant where you can eat, what should you do? If your friends ask you pick the restaurant, consider yourself lucky. This way, you get control over the situation.

To help you pick the right restaurant, here is what you have to do.

Choose a Restaurant That You Are Familiar With

If you have been to a restaurant that serves gluten free diet food, you should tell your friends that you want to go to that restaurant again. Going to that old familiar place is a lot safer than going to another restaurant that you have not been to. On the other hand, if you feel adventurous and you decide not to go to a familiar restaurant that serves your favorite food, you should take precautions before you bring your friends to a new restaurant. Find out in advance if that new restaurant is serving gluten free diet food. This way, you get to avoid getting hungry all night. The best way to find out if a certain restaurant serves food free of gluten is for you to call them and ask for their menu. If the restaurant does not have some gluten free food on its menu, ask them politely if they are willing to serve your gluten free food for extra fee.

Go to the Restaurant During Off Peak Hours

Many restaurants are willing to give their clients extra services during off peak hours. When the chef is not busy, he or she will be willing to give you some treats. If you want to get your gluten free diet food, you should eat during off peak hours so that the cook will have the luxury to whip up some gluten free dishes just for you. Yes, you will probably be charged a little more for the extra service but then again, paying a little extra money to be with your friends is well worth it. By evaluating all the above, you will be able to secure a perfect gluten free eating at restaurants.

Beware that no matter what state you live in or even if there are not many advertised gluten free eating at restaurants near you, you can find places to eat out.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. First and foremost, you simply need to think of a restaurant you would like to eat at.
  2. Second, go on their website to read up on their menu. Many restaurants are providing information on their websites about how they prepare their food and which items are gluten-free.

As you’re looking at your favorite restaurant’s website, if you don’t see any info about gluten-free items, chances are good that they don’t have anything gluten-free. Here’s the thing, though, give them a call and ask them about how they prepare their food. If you notice a menu item that doesn’t have gluten ingredients you can ask them how they prepare it.

This way you can find out if it comes in contact with gluten. Having done this, you will definitely have great results.