It is the end of the day and you want to hang out with your guys, want to spend some quality time with your girls and you are wondering how to keep it simple, healthy and still have fun without compromises. We are here to offer you the right combination of drinks to ensure you have fun at any time of the day while still maintaining your figure. After all, we all want to avoid getting beer bellies and fit into that fitting shirt and the summer dress.

The first rule in drinking, avoid mixes. I know, they are sweet and do justice to the tongue rolling down, but for the sake of your health, stay clear from them. Mixed drinks are too sugary, and sugary things and health rarely go well together especially if that word sugary comes before alcoholic drinks. Where possible, stay clear of mixes and get yourself straight liquor.

Liquor served neat usually taste like, am sorry, it is taste like nothing, tasteless. But the experts say it is the healthier choice in drinks. A shot of vodka, gin, scotch or whiskey served neat or on the rocks is far healthier than a mix of everything you see on the counter behind the bar tender. Taking vodka should however be regulated, straight shots one after another without any pause does not do you any justice. Sip the drink slowly and feel it, don’t hurry to drown your sorrows, they are pretty good swimmers and will be waiting for you when you are done drinking. So take your time to enjoy the drinks and have fun in the process.

If it a romantic evening and you thinking about sipping the wine after the meal as you pass the time before calling it a night. Well, a glass of wine now and then is medically healthy. But it really blocks your thoughts after a glass too many and leave you doing things you wouldn’t be caught dead doing when stone cold sober. The way around this is finding the middle ground, don’t go overboard with it, a glass or two on any one night is enough. Anything past that may be your ticket to a regret filled morning. And since we are talking about health, regret in the morning is not something we encourage.

You want to take a beer but everyone is screaming about how unhealthy it is, but you really wanted to spend the night with your guys just relaxing and lay back with the drinks pouring without worry. My advice, go for it. Light beers have lower calories and are thus healthier if one drinks one or two bottles. Stouts are often made with whole grains and contain vitamins B12 and soluble fiber, great health options.

Like every other human endeavor, drinking happen to have it cons. But it is fun, wild and unpredictable and this give people thrill. Healthy drinking allows you to enjoy the benefits of being healthy and going out and exploring the secrets hidden on the bottles